Cannabis Facility Design and Operational Strategies

​Greenhouse and Warehouse


Freedom Road Gardens

Trinidad, CO

With over 40 years of hands-on experience as a commercial greenhouse owner, I have designed and built acres of greenhouses and many thousands of feet of indoor grow.  I have worked on more than 30 projects here in the USA, in Canada, and Australia. Having visited the most progressive and sophisticated production facilities anywhere in the world, I bring to your project perspective and knowledge that few others can match.  

I offer an unsurpassed level of professionalism and operate with only the highest ethical standards. These qualities bring confidence to Ownership,  Management, and Investors. With so much at stake,why entrust your business to the guesswork of unproven amateurs when you can have a professional on board!

“Fred, I wanted to personally  thank you for all of your help with our project in Tinidad, CO.  Your insight has helped us tremendously!”

Lowest cost of production 

Facility Design



Problem solving

Production issues?  I can help streamline your operation, reduce labor costs, and improve product consistency.   HVAC problems?  I will help you identify the causes and offer solutions that will get your crop growing the way it should be.

Efficiency in energy, labor, and space utilization are key. Work flow, mechanization, and other technologies that increase worker productivity, while maximizing yields, are the focus of my designs. Energy efficient systems, such as LED lighting, are often eligible for Utility rebates, are one of the best ways to lower costs. 

Fred Green Consulting creates highly efficient facility designs that provide you with the optimum growing environment, while eliminating the risk of production issues. Profit margins may be great now, but what will the industry look like in 5-10 years?  If you build it the right way now, you'll be one of the few left standing when prices fall.  For a glimpse into the future, just look at Colorado!

​​As prices fall, the cost of producing a pound of product will be the most important metric in the cannabis industry.  Facility design and operations are what allow the business owner to maximize their profits and ensure continued success.




Because of the small size of my company I do not have the high overhead of the large consulting firms.  This translates to a lower cost for you. At the same time, I can offer you personalized service 24/7. You can be confident your project will be finished on time and on budget, and continue to operate successfully well into the future.